Our Mission:

Our #1 goal is to help the world live Better Every Day.

Today, it is harder and more expensive to live healthy than it is to live unhealthy. We want to change this.  That’s why we’re working to reward you every day for being good to yourself.

With ChallengeGoods you can earn rewards for cooking healthy meals, connecting with a nutrition expert online, or tracking your fitness progress.

We hope that we can make your health journey easier and more rewarding, and you share ChallengeGoods with your friends and family.

Our Promise:

To our members:

We work daily to get you the best content, products, and services to help you live healthier. Our goal will always be making it less expensive to live healthy.

To our employees:

We’re a team of people passionate about doing work that improves the lives of others.

To our community:

We support causes that help the world live healthier.  We have taken the 1% pledge which means a portion of every sale goes to making the world a better place.